European Network for School Libraries and Information Literacy

About us

Stichting ENSIL (European Network for School Libraries and Information Literacy) is a Foundation, based in the Netherlands. It advocates professional school librarianship, by encouraging professional development of school librarians, exchange of information between school librarians and stakeholders and promoting school libraries throughout Europe.
In the Spring of 2003, 12 delegates from 8 countries in Europe came together in Amsterdam to discuss the role of school libraries in Life-Long-Learning and the significance of (Information) Literacy as a key competence. The result of the discussions was the inception of ENSIL and the publication of the Amsterdam Statement.

In the Case Study: Collaborative networks supporting advocacy (a paper by Founding Mother and ENSIL Coordinator Lourense Das), you will find more information on the history and achievements of ENSIL. This paper was written for a joint IASL-IFLA project.

Another resource is ENSIL: Advocacy of school libraries in the educational context / Lourense H. Das (2011). In: Luisa Marquardt and Dianne Oberg (Eds.) Global perspectives on school libraries: projects and practices. IFLA Publications 148

Stichting ENSIL (ENSIL Foundation)

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