European Network for School Libraries and Information Literacy


In the Spring of 2003, 12 delegates from 8 countries in Europe came together in Amsterdam to discuss the role of school libraries in Life-Long-Learning and the significance of (Information) Literacy as a key competence. The result of the discussions was the inception of ENSIL and the publication of the Amsterdam Statement.

In 2008 Stichting ENSIL (ENSIL Foundation) was founded by Lourense Das, Helen Boelens and Albert K. Boekhorst under Dutch law) to be eligible for grants etc. Unfortunately, such an occasion never happened.

In 2010 ENSIL started a campaign called ‘A Library In Every School’, in short ALIES. The campaign intended to lobby for school libraries and school librarians in Europe. You can find the original Proclamation (in English), which had several translations, here.

The recent death of Lourense Das, who became coordinator after serving 2 terms on the Board, made us reflect on the activities and future of Stichting ENSIL. I took over as coordinator.

Over the years there have been few activities as hoped for and none are scheduled. The ENSIL website is moribund. In the last few years, there has been little activity on the mailing list apart from messages that I sent to the list. The present board (John Royce, Mihaela Banek Zorica and Maria José Vitorino) has agreed to dissolve the Stichting and, instead, to continue as a group at Facebook and on Linkedin, keeping the same name. 



If you are subscribed to the mailing list and want to be kept informed and to share information, please become a ‘follower’ at the Facebook page or join the group at Linkedin.

This website will be terminated on 1st December 2019.

Another contact option is

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